About the Author

I want to teach you what the Holy Spirit, St. John Paul II and the US Marine Corps taught me… to fight, and WIN!

I struggled with pornography addiction for more that twenty year, inheriting it from my father when I was just a little boy. The addiction led to abortion, depression, suicidal thoughts and the near destruction of my marriage.

In Muscle Memory, I will teach YOUthe technique that has kept me FREEfrom pornography for more than twelve years.  By combining my experience in the US Marine Corps with the incredible insight of St. John Paul II into human sexuality, I have learned to fight and win against the daily (sometimes moment by moment) porn temptations. 

I promise you this… every time you use this technique, you will be victorious.  I know what you desire most, deep down inside because I have been there, and you never want admit it to anyone. YOU desire FREEDOM, and I want to help you achieve it!