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Hello…. Joe McClane here, I was addicted for more than 20 years, inheriting it from my father as a little boy. God came to my rescue in 2002 when I was on the brink of divorce, and He changed absolutely everything! If he hadn’t… it would have not only destroyed my marriage but, also, would have cost the lives of my five beautiful children. 

In my new eBook, “Muscle Memory”, I share how to win the daily battle against pornography and temptation. I show what the Holy Spirit, Saint John Paul II and even what the US Marine Corps taught me… namely, to fight, and WIN! In Muscle Memory,  I teach the technique that has kept me FREE from pornography for more than twelve years and living the chastity called for within marriage.Listen to my testimony, Leave No Man Behind… click play!


Indeed, every man must effectively deeply the energies latent in his sensuality and his sentiments, so that they become allies in his striving for authentic love, for they may, as we know, also be its foes.

Saint John Paul II – Love and Responsibility page 200

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Praise for Muscle Memory:

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Host of the EWTN series Behold the Man: Spirituality for Men.

“Muscle Memory is an incredible story of courage in overcoming slavery to sin and sexual addiction. The penetrating light of truth that shines forth from this book will help dispel even the deepest darkness of a heart polluted with porn. Every man who is serious about overcoming pornography addiction must read this book!”

Customer Review:

“Even though I have never struggled with the main topic, pornography, of the book, it has taught me how to militantly fight against demonic temptation (I never even knew that the venial sins of everyday were actually prompted by demonic influence). I am literally not bringing the same sins I have brought to the confessional for years and years, or certainly to a significantly lesser extent. Muscle Memory has seriously been the single most sanctifying thing in my life, after baptism and the sacraments, that has liberated my soul from the habits of sin, EVER. And it is totally practical and totally consistent with one’s God-given impulse to fight and win, involving one’s real human and supernatural faculties. Praised be to God for your work.”

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